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Rock and Blues Guitar Lessons

''I welcome students of all ages and levels of experience''

'' Students wishing to enter graded exams can choose between either the Trinity/Guildhall, 'Rockschool', or RGT/LCM. Electric Guitar  exams. Those who prefer a more informal approach or who, understandably, wish to explore musical territory which lies outside the mainstream are equally welcome.''

The electric guitar has become an icon of our age. From its invention in the early twentieth centaury to our own times it has undergone an unprecedented evolution - both in its technological development and in the techniques used by its players.

Today's electric guitarist needs to be familiar with all of the basic skills associated with lead and rhythm playing, as well as a thorough grasp of musical theory and the ability to read chord charts, guitar tab and/or standard musical notation. He or she  needs to demonstrate a detailed, practical knowledge of those aspects of playing which are unique to their chosen style- whether it be the expressive string bends of blues and country guitar or the sweep picking and finger tapping pyrotechnics of contemporary rock and metal players.

Lessons are shaped around  individual needs and interests, striking a balance between the development of solid technical and theoretical skills (scales, arpeggios, chord construction etc.) and reading skills. Students are shown how to learn music from recordings which inspire them, and to become confident improvisers. I dedicate a significant part of  lesson time to playing songs and pieces which reflect the student's interests, and encourage the use of the many 'play along' tracks which are available. This helps establish essential interactive lead and rhythm guitar skills, is good fun and builds confidence and experience in the practical realities of performing with other musicians.

With more experienced students I place a great deal of emphasis on ear training, group interaction, composition and song writing, improvisation, advanced technical studies and  musical theory. I also encourage more advanced  students to explore a wide range of musical topics which lie outside of their own immediate areas of interest as this can act as a springboard to their  musical evolution and the development of their own unique voice.

Paul Costello Electric Rock & Blues Guitar Lessons in Wirral, Merseyside UK

Due to the present corona virus pandemic I am currently offering online lessons on Skype or Zoom. To book your lessons just give me a call, or send me a message via my contact page. click here