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Classical Guitar Lessons

''I passionately believe
that learning should
be stress free and

''I give one on one
lessons in my home
studio, and online
lessons on Skype or
Zoom. I also give
workshops, and solo
guitar recitals, at
festivals, guitar
societies, house
concerts, etc. To book
just  give me a call, or
send me a message.'' 

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People are sometimes discouraged from learning Classical Guitar because they imagine it will be more complex and intimidating than other styles. This is a great shame as the classical guitar is in many ways the ideal amateur's instrument.

It is perfectly suited to solo performance - sounding complete in itself without the need to become part of a group. It has a huge repertoire of fantastic music from all parts of the world. Entry level Classical Guitar pieces are immediately rewarding to play, whilst advanced students can look forward to the challenge of  tackling some of the most sophisticated and beautiful music ever played on the instrument.

Classical guitarists have the advantage of learning from a tried and tested body of teaching. The guitar methods of Dionisio Aguado and Fernando Sor were published in the mid 19th century and have since been continually developed and improved upon by successive generations of teachers. All of my students receive a thorough grounding, establishing a proper, relaxed sitting position, before moving on to right and left hand development, tone production, reading, theory and aural skills. At all stages I introduce specially selected pieces which are appropriate to each students ability and which are interesting to learn, and rewarding to play.

Lessons are carefully planned to complement individual learning styles. I passionately believe that learning should be stress free and enjoyable. Students progress at their own pace and are encouraged to take on new challenges only when they are ready for them.

Those wishing to enter for formal graded exams can choose between 'The Associated Boards of the Royal Schools of Music or the Trinity/Guildhall syllabus. People who have studied with me over the years have achieved consistently good results at all grades, including a high proportion of credits and distinctions.

People, on the other hand, who do not wish to enter graded exams preferring to pursue a more individual course of study are put under no pressure to do so and can expect the same standards of instruction and level of commitment on my part.

More advanced students are encouraged to broaden their repertoire and deepen their understanding and appreciation of musical history and culture. Lessons become more focused on the development of each student's individual voice - reflecting  his or her own interests and tastes. Technical development becomes more focused on problem solving in relation to specific pieces, emphasising the practical skills needed in diploma level examinations, and in public performance.

''My students have,
over the last thirty
years, achieved

outstanding results
at grades 1 to 8,
and at diploma level,
in both the A.B.R.S.M,
and Trinity exams.''

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