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Paul Costello Guitar Tuition

I have tried to include everything that you might need to make an informed choice about the type of tuition that is best for you, along with a ‘Question & Answer’ page that  addresses the questions that I am most often asked when people are booking their first lesson. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via my contact page.


I have been a professional guitarist, and guitar tutor for over thirty years. I love performing and recording, and also love teaching. I have  taught classical, jazz, acoustic, and electric, guitar to many hundreds of private students, as well as giving group workshops. I have worked as a peripatetic guitar tutor, teaching in secondary schools for Cheshire West and Chester Council, and lectured on Jazz guitar at The Wirral Metropolitan College.

My students perform consistently well in 'ABRSM', 'RGT@LCM', and 'Rockschool' exams at all levels, from grade I through to grade VIII and up to and including the various levels of Diploma.


I am also more than happy to teach people who prefare a more informal style of learning, focusing on areas of their playing that are relevant to them.


Successful lessons focus on students’ individual needs, and good communication is the first step. I always enjoy hearing from people who share my passion for music and I can often offer help and advice even when lesson places are limited.

What People Say

Elaine Cheetham

I’d always wanted to be able to play the guitar but never followed through. Lockdown offered an opportunity to do something positive so I thought I’d grasp the nettle and start. I tried the online courses but although they are designed to teach you how to play, they just didn’t make me truly understand the many complexities of the guitar or ignite that passion to learn inside me.

I needed a professional one-on-one tutor so after extensive research and careful consideration, I reached out to Paul Costello. This has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made.

Paul is hugely knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, talented and incredibly skilled as both a guitarist and tutor. Each lesson is filled to the brim with a tailored and individual approach to your goals. Paul’s passion for music and teaching is second to none and instinctively instils within the student, an eagerness to learn and progress.

Having a piano background, I could play music but struggled with sight reading. Paul has remarkably and unbelievably started the process of correcting this flaw. I am absolutely overjoyed about this aspect of my learning, but also in awe at how painlessly and simply he has managed to do it.

If you are looking to find a guitar tutor who really understands music and the guitar, has only one desire which is to see his pupils succeed and reach their goals, then I would highly recommend Paul time. He is simply, a great teacher!

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Tony Roberts

I have taken weekly guitar lessons with Paul for almost 20 years in the styles of Jazz Improvisation and Classical guitar. Over that time, techniques have included plectrum and fingerstyle using both electric and acoustic instruments. Under Paul's guidance I worked up through the Classical guitar grade examinations to grade 8, and am now studying with him towards a diploma. Paul is a very sensitive teacher who tailors his approach very much with the particular student's needs in mind. Highly recommended.

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Gordon Hughes

In addition to being an accomplished professional musician and composer Paul is an excellent guitar tutor.I came to him just over 3 years ago as an adult beginner (it's never too late! ) having tried unsuccessfully to teach myself using a variety of books and manuals. In the process I had picked up numerous bad habits and developed poor technique.Paul's teaching style is sympathetic and supportive and he provides a syllabus tailored very much to the needs of the individual.He creates a structure and learning environment in which each student can develop to their full potential in their particular area of interest-in my case both Steel String Acoustic and Classical guitar.He demands commitment and discipline and in return provides skillful support in identifying areas for improvement and nurtures the confidence to take on new challenges.Further I have found in his wide knowledge of many musical genres encouragement to look outside the box for inspiration and enjoyment.For me he has made learning to play the guitar a great pleasure.

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