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Guitarist, teacher and composer, Paul Costello, has published a book for guitarists who are looking for an in depth exploration of the art of improvisation.  It is now available world wide from Amazon & other leading booksellers.


Paul has spent his musical career developing improvisational strategies for both classical and fingerstyle guitar and has written a book that shows how to use improvisation as a universal way of making music, rather than confining it to just one style. It gives practical strategies that enable the reader transform scales, chords, and arpeggios, and other basic building blocks, into actual music, with many new ideas, techniques, and strategies designed to appeal to more advanced players in search of new inspiration and direction.


The book also places theory and practice in a much broader context, by including discussions on the historical development of improvisation and performance psychology, along with supplementary information on a wide range of inter-related literature and listening.


This new work will be of interest to the majority of Classical, Fingerstyle, and Jazz guitarists, with an interest in composition and improvisation. It will also be an invaluable study resource for teachers and students preparing for graded examinations, as well as Degree and Diploma courses.''


About the author                       


Paul Costello has been a professional musician for over twenty-five years. He is an active composer and performer, working as a solo artist and in collaboration with a wide variety of musicians from many different traditions. He has worked in schools, and as a college lecturer, and has taught hundreds of private students.

Paul Costello | Creative Guitar Strategies, Technique & Theory | Improvisation for Classical, Fingerstyle and Jazz Guitar

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New Book “Improvisation” for Guitarists by Paul Costello

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