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Welcome to my site! You can find information here about my music, teaching, and writing. It is constantly evolving, so please keep in touch.


I have recently added videos of me performing three pieces from my new album 'Solo Acoustic Guitar' to my Music page. This is now available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and many more. It is also streaming on Spotify, and Apple music. CD's can be ordered on this site website, HMV, Boarders, and CDbaby.. I also intend, over the next few months, to upload full scores, (in both standard notation and TAB) of some of the pieces from the album.

Future projects include publication of a second book, with the working title 'Harmonic Transitions For Guitar', and a second solo guitar album. I am also planning to record some tutorial videos on pieces from the classical repertoire, and expanding on material from my first book 'Improvisation for Classical, Fingerstyle, and Jazz Guitar'. 

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